Our Shop

Everything in our shop is made from fly-tipped or donated materials.

We specialise in upcycled alternatives to traditional homewares and garden décor,  unique clothing,  jewellery and artwork,  all made from materials that were taken directly out of the environment or were a step away from being sent to landfill.


Why Buy Upcycled Products?

The purchase of an upcycled product over selecting a new or recycled one minimises the volume of discarded materials and waste going to landfill.  It reduces the need for production using new and raw materials which means fewer habitats being plundered,  a reduction in air pollution,  water pollution,  greenhouse gas emissions and the conservation of global resources.

In its own small way,  our shop and your junk donations contribute to a reversal of the global waste problem and our profits are donated to charities and projects that benefit our valley communities.

By buying from us you are helping us to realise our goal of a cleaner,  greener future for all.


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