Mission Statement

Our goals are…

  • to make our environment a better place,
  • to encourage people to practice conscious consumerism and to consider the impact that their daily habits and purchases make on the worlds limited resources,
  • to prevent fly-tipping or use fly-tipping to generate income for the communities in which it occurs.


We believe that this can be achieved…

  • by promoting the upcycling ethic,
  • by sharing skills and teaching others how to save money by repurposing or fixing old things,
  • by encouraging people to buy upcycled products instead of new ones,
  • by providing a place where people can donate their waste instead of sending useable materials to landfill.


What you can do to help us in our mission…

  • Visit our DONATE YOUR WASTE page. We need your junk!
  • Make a purchase from OUR SHOP.
  • Check out our blog for inspiration and crafts you can do at home on a budget using foraged materials.
  • Report a fly-tip site via our CONTACT page.
  • Like us on Instagram and Facebook to follow our progress and see the difference our work makes.
  • Click on our UNLTD page and read about our funders.