Donate Your Waste

Do you have unwanted junk piling up?  Broken stuff?  Waste materials that you need to dispose of?

New or old, whole or broken, we can turn almost any old rubbish into something new and beautiful so if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to ditch your junk than recycling or dumping in landfill we may be able to help.

It’s free and by donating your junk you are helping us to keep the Ebbw Valley clean and to support local projects.

Check out our material lists below for examples of the sort of things we can accept.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so via the details on our CONTACT page.



Any old household fabric such as curtains,  bedding and table cloths.  Old clothing and denim are useful too.  Pretty much anything made of fabric can be reused.

If your clothing and fabric items are sellable please consider giving them to charity first. We are more interested in ruined items that are one step away from landfill.


Old decking,  pallets,  waste wood,  tree branches,  window frames,  doors,  shelves,  sheds and fencing.  We can not use wood from structures that have been used to house animals like kennels and hutches.


Bottles,  window panes,  broken mirrors,  lightbulbs,  broken picture frame glass.


We can use broken furniture.  The stuffing and wood in a knackered sofa can be reused as can the wood of a welsh dresser or set of drawers.  Old shelves,  tables and chairs,  stools and wood ladders.

Household and Bric-a-Brac

Picture frames,  corks,  keys,  pegs,  broken jewellery,  door knobs,  books,  newspapers,  trinkets.

Garage and Garden

Tires,  inner tubes,  bike chains,  discs,  rope,  rocks,  paint.

Hardware and Hobbies

Spare screws and nails,  hinges,  clamps,  chicken wire,  solder.  New or used art and craft materials, crayons,  kits.